Practical tools to turn hotel cancelation into rescheduling

We know that the hotel industry is facing a turbulent moment due to the spread of the COVID-19. To help the industry, we at Asksuite have created this supporting material to help hotels minimize losses.

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To bring the project to life, we started from the traveler's perspective. We analyzed the factors that can play a significant role in their decision of canceling a hotel reservation - not postponing it- in the current context that we are living in.

Our conclusion is that, in many cases, the uncertainty about the future prices of flight tickets results in travelers asking for a full refund when canceling their reservations. This is a key player in the decision making, often even more than the awareness of the impact of this action on the sector and the economy in general.

We have listed below a few ideas that you, hotelier, can apply in your hotel and motivate the traveler to chose to reschedule the trip.

Keep in mind that: 

1. Your guest should be able to recognize a relevant and personal benefit when choosing to postpone the reservation;

2. The ideas that we brought here might seem complicated at first, but it is your job to balance how far you should go to keep a reservation today rather than to have it canceled. How far can you go without jeopardizing, even more, your financial health?

3. Put some effort into creating. The benefits do not need to be financial. Providing unique services may worth more than discounts.


email templates

Examples of how to respond to clients that: have reservations

over the next days, have doubts about canceling the reservation

or have already canceled the reservation


Ideas to motivate rescheduling

Ideas to apply in your hotel that can motivate the traveler when making the decision between canceling and rescheduling the reservation


Infographic with key information

Information about the coronavirus epidemic curve and the benefits for the guest when choosing to change the date of the reservation


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