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Get your AI Hotel Chatbot for free for 2 months to answer all your COVID-19 and other requests 24/7

Unfortunately, the pandemic is still hitting North America and Europe.

That is why we decided to make our Hotel Tech Award-winning hotel chatbot available for free for 2 months for new costumers in these locations (implementation fee NOT included in the offer).

Even if the hotel is temporarily closed, the chatbot can keep providing customer assistance to future guests, answering their queries, turning cancellations into reschedules and facilitating the booking process:

We truly believe that virtual assistance is the best way for hotels to be present for clients and future guests. This crisis will eventually end and reservations will start popping up again. Keep your clients engaged and the future reservations coming in. 

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As part of the hospitality industry, Asksuite commiserates with the hotel industry through these unprecedented times. Our special offer is available until March 2021.

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