Tired of looking for the best ways to convert more bookings on your hotel website? 

Look no more: Download Asksuite & Umi’s Hotel Website Kit!

Download Asksuite & Umi’s Hotel Website Kit!

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Asksuite & Umi have joined forces to help your website stand out and make direct reservations go sky-high with a curated selection of guides and materials, which you can download for free!

Asksuite, a world leader omnichannel service platform for hotels, and Umi, a leading digital-first hospitality marketing agency in London, have put together a kit including podcasts, a webinar, and ebooks with practical tips you can’t miss out on if you want to boost revenue with a faster, nicer, and efficient hotel website.

We’ve done all the work so that you don't have to scrounge the internet for the best hotel website materials—all you have to do is click to download:

• [Ebook] Hotel Website Copywriting by Asksuite

A simple guide for Hotel Website Copywriting to make quick improvements, and optimize writing and website content.

• [Guide] The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing for Hotels by Umi 

This guide will show you how to build a solid digital strategy to attract your Ideal Customer.

• [Ebook] How Hotel Marketing Channels Can Help You Win Online Direct Bookings by Asksuite

Here’s a complete ebook explaining how your website and other online channels can help you with direct bookings. And you can have it for free. 

• [Article] How A/B testing can help you prioritise functionality over looks by Umi 

Websites deserve regular attention in the form of audits, updates and refinement. But the key is to strategically improve it with A/B testing.

• [Article] How Can Hotel PPC Campaigns Help Your Website? by Asksuite

This article explains everything you need to know about hotel Pay Per Click campaigns and how they can benefit your website. 

• [Article] Everything you need to know about Growth-Driven Design (GDD) by Umi

Growth-Driven Design is a smart approach to web design, development, ongoing optimisation, and marketing. It eliminates all the headaches and drives optimal results using data.

• [Podcast] The Core Principles of Hotel Website Success with Harry Fielder by Asksuite

Harry Fielder explains the automatic triggers and drawbacks you need to watch out for to nail website functionality.

• [Podcast] Capturing & leveraging data effectively for hotel marketing by Umi 

Learn the importance of using your data to map the customer journey across different tools. 

• [Article] Here Is Why Your Hotel Website Is Not Enough for Your Clients by Asksuite

Learn about the two main reasons why people contact your hotel staff with simple questions hindering workflow, even though you have a great website.

• [Workshop] Master Hotel Website Workshop - Expert Tips for a 5-star Online Experience by Asksuite

Here experts show you exactly what you need to change on your website to boost your online performance. 

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