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Automate your customer service 24/7: 56% of the customer service are outside business hour. Have a AI-powered chatbot working 24/7, your agents can take control of the process whenever they want.

Double your direct booking from your website: The conversion rate of the visitors who interact with our chat is 3x higher than those who go straight to the booking engine. The traveler must solve all the doubts easily before concluding the purchase.

Boost your ROI by moving business away from OTA: Commission rates charged by OTA range between 15% and 30% of the value of the reservation. You can offer a better price to your customer and still make more profit.

Expedite your answers and secure efficiency: 88% of customers expect a response from your business within 60 minutes, our platform answers in seconds in the channel of choice of your traveler.

1500+ hotels are using our Conversational Booking Methodology to attract more travelers, increase conversion rate and revenue, and deliver an amazing experience for users (hoteliers and travelers)

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Asksuite Hotel Chatbot Review: Amazing Tool

Marketing Director from Boutique in Bogotá (Colombia)



"By using this chatbot, we were able to optimize our customer service, provide immediate response to potential customers (in three languages) and increase direct sales. It also keeps leads so that we can follow up later. Being able to provide uninterrupted customer service 24/7 is important and the robot is our ally during out of office hours. This tool allows our team to focus on other tasks. It is easy to set-up and use. Easily customizable, straightforward and intuitive. It has the ability to quickly learn answers for specific areas unique to your business. Another thing to mention is the amazing and immediate fast & friendly customer service. From simple questions to technical help, I’ve never had to wait for a response or a solution."

Asksuite Hotel Chatbot Review: The Best Chatbot!

Hotel Director from Resort in Wansford (United Kingdom)



"Love the sales aspects and calls to action plus integrations. Additionally it handles much more bespoke information than other robots."

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