Balancing Tech and Human Touch to Deliver Memorable Hotel Customer Experiences

What is the best way to combine human touch and technological efficiency to provide the ultimate customer experience in the hotel industry?

In this new episode of Hotel Cast Tv, we invited two world-class experts to give you tips on how you can incorporate warmth and effectiveness into your hotel service. We also cover the importance of mobile chat in the hotel industry.

Meet our guests:

Calvin Stovall

Chief Experience Officer of ICONIC Presentations, LLC, Calvin specializes in delivering high-energy presentations and training programs to help organizations attain iconic status.

Christine Trippi

Award-winning GM at Marriott International, Christine Trippi is now the CEO of The Wise Pineapple and Author of Yes Is the Answer. Christine believes to be exceptional, you need to stand out, Be Confident, Be Empowered, and Lead from the Heart!

Paula Carreirão

Content Specialist at Asksuite. Paula writes blog posts, hosts webinars and podcast. Everything to help hoteliers face the challenges!

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