Choosing the right KPIs is essential to guarantee direct bookings for your hotel.

The metrics will show you how to make safer decisions to help your sales and reservation teams.

Participate with us and learn which KPIs for sales and hotel reservations you should focus on to sell more rooms and offer excellent service.

The webinar starts in:

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Michael McCartan

Michael is the Chief Growth Officer at Atomize. His 20-year career in

hotel technology has given him extensive experience in developing customer engagement and business development models to deliver customer value and grow revenues.

Mikael Fries

Mikael is the Senior Director of Business Solutions at Cendyn. In his role, he supports the sales organization, ensuring that all customers and prospects can achieve their strategic business goals using Cendyn’s products and services.

Laura Ruggiero

Laura is Business Development Executive at Sojern responsible for the European market. With a decade of experience in the travel industry focused on hotels, she understands the challenges that hotels face in driving direct bookings, and how digital marketing can work to overcome them.

David Byrne

David is VP of Sales/Partnerships at Asksuite. His sales career began over 20 years ago, and it's been 8 years he moved in the hospitality sector. He has a flare for Tech start ups, and has been heading up business in the sector around the UK.

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