WEBINAR | JULY, 29 - 11am PST

How Your Hotel's Social Media

Impacts The Traveler Experience

For Better or Worse

What impression does your hotel have on your guests based solely on what they see online?

Your social media presence reflects on your brand! Projecting the right online image is crucial nowadays.

You need to know the type of content travelers are looking for when surfing online for hotels.

And when you receive negative feedback or comments, how do you deal with it?

To find out more about these topics, join us in this webinar!

Come learn the best ways to attract your target audience!

Meet Our Guest

Meet Our Host

Sarah Dandashy

is a verified travel expert and former award-winning Les Clefs d'Or concierge with over 18 years of luxury hotel experience. Going beyond the traditional concierge desk, Sarah brought her travel advice to the digital space establishing a 200+k social media following.

Paula Carreirão

is Senior Content Specialist at Asksuite and a Global Top 50 Hospitality Influencer

2021. Having worked as

a hotelier for 7 years, she now enjoys talking about hospitality, customer

service, and the benefits of technology in the industry.

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